By creating projects, we help your brand talk to people. Clear strategic communication of each of our projects encourages us to look at everything around us from a new point of view and sometimes to see again what has been forgotten over the years.

All our creative ideas are born from the behavior of ordinary people. This is the only way to create works that can change the brand. For a brand to become iconic, it must be as simple as a conversation between two friends
in the elevator. This is primarily the responsibility of strategy - and our strategic department.

Advertising creative always pursues one goal and solves a specific problem. We create stories to solve problems. Sometimes a big idea can be hidden in a simple, small and obvious truth. The main thing

her first to discover. It doesn't matter what the campaign is like, how it looks or sounds, it matters what impact it has on people.

And how can someone tell someone about it - and even better if they tell in their own words.

Nobody watches commercials. People only watch what they are interested in.

And only sometimes - it's advertising.

As in fiction, so in any other art form, the most important element is detail. Creative craft, which is advertising, is impossible without painstaking work on details. That's why 90% of what we invent is done by ourselves.
Leading strategy to the creative

We find simple and unexpected ideas that connect the brand

with his audience and strengthen this connection for years to come.

This is how we make creativity work. That's why about us before

they know everything thanks to our creative works. Creating them, Banda won hundreds of prizes at international festivals, won the title of the most creative agency in Ukraine 2019 and became the best creative agency in Central and Eastern Europe at the Epica Awards 2019. And a year earlier - the Agency of the Year at the Red Dot Design Award 2018. repeatedly mentioned in international specialized publications, ratings, press and specialized portals.

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