All our creative ideas are born from the behavior of ordinary people.

This is the only way to create works that can change the brand. For,for a brand to become iconic, it must be as simple as a conversation between two friends in an elevator. This is primarily due to the strategy - and our strategic department.
We cannot predict everything and prescribe all the rules. However, we can inspire and set an example. We have prepared a book about the new brand of ENEA. It differs from classic brand books in that it is not a collection of rules and instructions - it is the history of the brand and our vision of what it should be. This book is not about the laws of working with a brand - this book is about inspiration. After all, we want every designer, PR-manager, SMM-specialist to fall in love with the new ENEA just like us. That's how we can be sure that he will do everything as it should be. And it is possible that he will do it even better than us.

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